How does the assessment work?


Skanup is an exclusive service offered by Linksium aimed at business leaders to help assess your company’s position through 4 growth indicators (finance, partners, organisation, growth). By highlighting your strengths and improvement points, the charts will provide you with a valid support to start your business plan.

The assessment is the starting point of the « Flash Assessment » which is the 1st part of Linksium's business accelerator acceleration program.

This first step is free of charge.

Who is SKanup intended for?

This questionnaire is for each member of the managing team. The assessment must be taken individually to allow the results and the convergence of each team member’s points of view to be analysed

To ask yourselves the right questions is the first step towards the solution: the statements are simple and clear in order to obtain an instinctive answer.

How do I take the assessment?

To take the assessment, you will need to create an account: this will not only allow us to guarantee the confidentiality of your data, it will also allow you to freely access your results.

The assessment takes between 30-45 minutes: 250 statements on the current situation of your startup. For each one choose the answer that fits your current situation.
There is only one answer per question, you will not be able to come back and change an answer.

You may take as long as you need, please try and not interrupt yourself. If you really must, your answers will be saved so you can carry on at a later point.
To get a clear and exact view of your startups'current situation, it is important that you answer all the questions.

A few tips on how to answer this assessment:

The assessment allows you to analyse your startup at a given point in time. It is important to understand that there is no right or wrong answer.
Each statement represents a specific category, and will be shown on the final charts. Therefore there is no need in trying to follow a pattern of answers.

The authenticity of your answers will guarantee the relevance of your report. When you answer, remember to place yourself in the current situation of your company, with an open mind. Do not try and seek any coherence, this could lead to a wrong impression.

How will we share the results with you and your team?

Once you have finished the assessment, the results will appear as charts. They are issued automatically based upon your answers. These charts are not a definitive conclusion. The conclusions will be taken collectively. Linksium declines any responsibility for the conclusions that come out of this assessment.

The charts will be presented in 2 parts: a first look through the 4 growth indicators (previously stated), a second look will focus on 12 themes. These will help you see what is left to do.

How should you analyse these results?

The charts are presented with key indicators that will allow you to interpret them by yourself.

If you wish, you may also access the more detailed 12-theme analysis. Each indicator is divided into 3 parts (for example, finance is divided into public, bank and shareholders).

To access this detailed analysis, you will be required to complete the form that will appear at the end. From there, you will gain immediate access to your detailed results. In the same time, one of our experts will also receive them and, if necessary, contact you to offer you our help and some coaching.

Analysing the convergence:

Each member of the managing team can take this assessment. In the event that you decide to follow the entire “Flash Assessment” program, each of your results will be put together to compare your views on the current situation.

Where is my data stored?

The data that comes from the assessment is protected by a password that is known only to yourself and to Linksium.
As the results reflect the situation of your startup at a given time, you will be able to access your results for 2 months following your registration.