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Linksium's business accelerator Entreprises : 2 main development points


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Assessing your startup

Assessing your startup is the first step of our acceleration program. The best place to start is to ask yourselves the right questions : what are our strong points? What can we do better? Do we all share the same vision?

Take our online survey and get your results instantly.

  1. 1 - 400 statements to validate or invalidate
  2. 2 - Our algorithm will analyse your results
  3. 3 - The charts will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses for each category
  4. 4 - Invite your collaborators to take the survey
  5. 5 - Your results will be available online for 2 months following your registration.
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Analyse the results and set out your 12-month action plan

Do you want to learn more ? Analyse your assessment with one of our experts.

✔ Interpret and analyse your results in a precise and efficient way, focused around the 4 growth indicators and 12 themes

✔ Prioritise the actions to undertake with Linksium

✔ Compare with what the rest of the managing team think

✔ Set out a 12-month plan

Linksium's business accelerator : a 3 step - program

Diagnostic flash

Flash assessment

Evaluate your startup and map out a plan

1 month



Link together your innovation roadmap and business plan

3 months



Take actions to boost your growth

12/18 months